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WWE 2K17 Review

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WWE 2K17 is a game for all the wrestling fans out there who love watching it on TV or going to see the matches in person. Now they can also play as their favourite wrestlers at home on their consoles. The game features all the popular big name wrestlers that fans will surely know. It has a career mode where you can make your own character and it’s got a variety of different types of matches to play with as well. Pretty much all you could need from a wrestling game.

Much like NBA 2k17, the game features a career mode. In this you’ll create a character who you will use for the duration of the career and with that character you’ll start at the bottom of a wrestling career and pretty much unknown. Over time you’ll slowly work your way up the wrestling ranks as you take down other wrestlers along the way until you become one of the best out there. The career mode is alright, but much like the time I spent with NBA 2k17, I found myself enjoying the arcade modes a lot more.

With the arcade style modes, there’s more flexibility to choose how you want to play the game and you can choose to either play as either various male or female wrestling personalities. Some of these include Sasha Banks, Stephanie McMahon, Summer Rae, Tamina, Sting, The Miz, The Rock, Titus O’Neil or Triple H to name just a few of them. It’s great and I really enjoy it because I can pick my favourites and see how well I can do with them.

Sheamus in WWE 2k17 - WWE 2K17 Review

Sheamus in WWE 2k17 – WWE 2K17 Review

One of the things I think the game does very well is the entrances. Each character you choose to play as will enter at the start of the match with their famous entrance. The atmosphere of a wrestler entering into the game as well as the audience sounds and music felt as close as it can be to sitting in the audience in real life. If there’s one thing WWE 2k17 does well, it’s the entrances. There’s also a lot of live videos to watch which are great too and I’m sure the fans will enjoy viewing all of them.

Overall WWE 2k17 is a wrestling fans dream game. It’s got all the big name wrestlers for you to play with, it’s got great music, well presented entrances, an interesting career mode and also some really great arcade style matches which are the best part of it. If you’re a fan of wrestling this is certainly the game for you and if you have played one of the previous titles in the past but maybe missed just a few, WWE2k17 is a great one to jump into on either the PS4 or Xbox One, which I’m sure many will enjoy.


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