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Warner Bros Green-lights The “Green Lantern Corps”

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Reports have surfaced that Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics are aggressively pursuing a new screen incarnation of the popular DC property Green Lantern.

In their ambitious line-up of slated films, details have been most scarce for their previously announced 2020 release “Green Lantern Corps”. However, in a report by Deadline, the film’s screenwriters, characters and tonal ambition have now been revealed.

The studio has tapped David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes to pen the project from a story by Goyer and DC chief Geoff Johns. Goyer has cemented himself as a pinnacle screenwriter for the DC filmic universe, having written “Man of Steel” while also serving as a co-writer for “Batman Begins” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. While for Rhodes, who is a relative newcomer, he has a pre-established working relationship with Goyer as they are currently collaborating on a Fantastic Voyage remake.

The film will centre on the two most prominent Green Lantern characters, Hal Jordan (the protagonist of the 2011 film) as well as John Stewart, one of DC’s most distinguished African-American superheroes. Reports have further suggested that the team-up of these two characters has the modelling of a buddy cop movie with the tone being described as “Lethal Weapon in space”.

“Green Lantern Corps” has an unspecified release date for 2020. David S. Goyer will juggle screenwriting duties with producing through his production banner Phantom Four. While DC chiefs Geoff Johns and Jon Berg will serve as executive producers. Neither cast nor director has been announced as of yet.

It has been illuminated that this film will bear no resemblance to the 2011 Ryan Reynolds-led picture “Green Lantern”. Said film, which was intended to be the first entry in a larger DC cinematic universe, was a travesty both financial and critically. Reynolds and the studio have rebuffed any idea of Reynolds portraying Hal Jordan again. While from a narrative disposition, unlike the 2011 film which was based heavily on Earth, expect “Green Lantern Corps” to be set predominantly in space.

Yet, despite the disaster of the previous film, the Green Lantern mythology is one of the richest in the DC comics pantheon making sense for the reboot. Furthermore, with The Wrap reporting that a member of the Green Lantern corps will appear in a “key sequence” in the upcoming “Justice League”, a new rendition of the Emerald Knights is coming into fruition.

“Green Lantern Corps” has a tentative release date of July 24, 2020. Although a change is more than likely. The next entry in the DC film slate is “Wonder Woman” it is to be released on June 2, 2017.

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