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True Detective Season 2 Australian Release Date

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True Detective Season 2 Australian Release Date

The True Detective Season 2 Australian release date is Monday June 22, 2015. The second season of True Detective will air on the Showcase channel on Foxtel at 3:30pm and then repeated at 7:30pm the same day for a second viewing of the episode. In the United States the show will be airing on the 21st of June, 2015.

True Detective Season 2 Trailer

In this season a strange murder will bring together three law enforcement officers and a career criminal who all struggle together to uncover the truth of what happened. This season of True Detective takes place in a fictional city in California known as Vinci. The second season will center itself around detective Ray Velcoro who will be played by Colin Farrell. Rachel McAdams will be playings Ani Bezzerides who is the  Ventura County Sheriff’s detective.

The second season of True Detective will also star Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon. Frank is a criminal and entrepreneur trying to go towards a legitimate business, but his plans get messed up because of the murder of his business partner. Franks has a wife with her own troubles to deal with and her character name is Jordan and she will played by Kelly Reilly.

Vince Vaughn in True Detective season 2

Vince Vaughn in True Detective season 2

According to Foxtel, other confirmed cast for the second season include Christopher James Baker Blake Churchman), Afemo Omilami (Police Chief Holloway), Chris Kerson (Nails), James Frain (Lt. Kevin Burris). Guests cast include: Ritchie Coster (Mayor Austin Chessani), W. Earl Brown (Teague Dixon), Yara Martinez (Felicia), Matt Battaglia (Floyd Heschmeyer), Michael Irby (Elvis Ilinca), Timothy V. Murphy (Osip Agranov), Solomon Shiv (Michael Bugulari), Jamison Jones (Will Davidson), Christian Campbell (Richard Brune), Trevor Larcom (Chad Velcoro-Brune), Leven Rambin (Athena Bezzerides), David Morse (Eliot Bezzerides), Adria Arjona (Emily), Jon
Lindstrom (Jacob McCandless), Lera Lynn (singer), Ashley Hinshaw (Lacey Lindel), Lolita Davidovich (Cynthia Woodrugh), Adria Arjona (Emily), C.S. Lee (Richard Geldof), Rick Springfield (Dr. Pitlor).

True Detective was created and is written by Nic Pizzolatto and the first season of the show had a lot of critical acclaim. Season one stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson will not be returning for the second season as each season is its on self contained story.

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