The Top 3 Games Of 2014


The Top 3 Games Of 2014

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2014 has been such a big year in video games with many great titles being released and also many mediocre titles being released as well. This post outlines the top 3 games of 2014 and the ones we most recommend picking up above all the other games released this year.

1. Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the latest game from Bioware and is the latest game in the Dragon Age series following Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age IIDragon Age: Inquisition is a massive game that will entertain players for easily more than 50 hours just to get through the entire story and is well worth a purchase if you are interested in the fantasy genre and enjoy role playing games.

In terms of the plot which I don’t really want to spoil because I think that people should go through and experience it all for themselves, it basically revolves around your character who is known as the “Herald of Andraste”. The game starts off with this big green light and you at the centre of it, there are demons coming out and the world looks like it’s going to end. But somehow you have the power to close these big green portals and it falls on you and your team to stop these portals and also deal with many issues in a war focused world. You are the saviour, but it’s going to be a long and difficult journey with many trials and experiences for you and your team which make up the Inquisition, it’s mission, find out what the green light is and get rid of it and all the demons.

Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition

You will need to create who you will be at the start of the game and this person will be your main character the whole way through. The character creation in Dragon Age: Inquisition is quite in depth and has a lot of features for you as the player to edit and customise.  You’ll first need to select your class for your chosen character.  The class will determine the type of play style for your main character and will heavily impact on your entire game. When you’re selecting your class you can choose between being either a Rogue (Dual Wield or Archer), Warrior (two handed), weapon and shield or being in the Mage class. For my game I chose to be in the Mage class, but actually when you’re in game you will have party members that come along so you’ll be able to experience all the classes in time (9 party members will join you in total)…..

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2. Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation is a new survival horror game published by Sega and developed by Creative Assembly.  I have seen all the Alien films but I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as a fan of them, although I do enjoy watching them. I just don’t follow all the alien lore as closely as a fan would. But Alien Isolation became a game that I was quite interested in checking out this year after seeing and watching a lot of the trailers and after hearing what the developers had to say about it, I started paying attention. Being a game that was being developed by Creative Assembly which has made some of my favourite games, including the Total War series of games I started thinking there might be something quality coming our way with this new Alien game.

So I ventured to the store on the first day it was released and picked up Alien Isolation right off the shelf and happily strolled home to check out the game. I popped the game in and put it on the hardest setting which the game tells you is the best way to play and away I went.

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation

One of the things that really stood out for me with Alien Isolation was the graphics and the environment within the game. The developers really put in a lot of work into the details, being a franchise from the 80’s a lot of the equipment and panels looks like futuristic 80’s technology and I like that a lot. Alien Isolation does a phenomenal job with bringing the player into its world and the attention to detail can convince you that this is a realistic and believable world to be in. It’s important for games to do this and probably even more so for survival horror games because if you can feel like you are a part of that world you are playing in then the experience overall is much more immersive…..

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3. inFamous: Second Son

In fictional media, super powers are used by super heroes; those willing to fight for the weak, protect the innocent, and stand up in the face of evil… you know… all the usual mumbo jumbo. In the world Delsin Rowe lives in, there are no super heroes, only bio-terrorists. Those who destroy and kill, people to be feared. There’s only one problem, Delsin Rowe is one of them. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Seven years have passed since the events of Cole MacGrath’s triumph over the Beast in New Marais. The world was exposed to the destructive power of conduits. The RFI which was created to rid the world of conduits… was not absolute. In the aftermath the government set up the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) to track down and quarantine conduits, now branded as “bio-terrorists” for the safety of the people. The world Delsin Rowe lives in now, is terrified of these bio-terrorists. As one of these conduits, will you choose  to be Seattle’s hero, rising above the bio-terrorist label or a villain who deserves to be locked away?

inFAMOUS Second Son

inFAMOUS Second Son

With that in mind, the world of Second Son or more specifically Seattle is absolutely beautiful. It’s almost shocking how good this game looks on the PS4. Details from road pavement, to bricks making up the walls of buildings, to pores on faces of characters, everything looks stunning. Sucker Punch really out did themselves in this department. There are time transitions during the main campaign; day, night, morning, evening etc. These all provide different lighting to the city, giving off a feeling of progression in the main campaign. There are times when it will rain (come on, it’s Seattle), or just after a rain that result in some surprises. Rain drops hitting puddle in on the ground show ripples, people carry umbrella’s and puddles show reflections. These little instances of detail drive home the point that Second Son is a graphical wonder, and quite possibly, the best looking game on consoles. Even buildings with glass siding, reflects objects behind it. Watching a helicopter fly past me, off screen, via the glass on a skyscraper is truly impressive. Delsin’s powers and effects are bright, colorful, and are likely filled with a mind boggling amount of polygons……

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Hope you have enjoyed reading our choices for the top 3 games of 2014.

What were your top three games this year?

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  • Coming up with a “Top 3” is a big ask, good on you for being so brave.

    I’m glad to see Stick Of Truth didn’t appear.

    Alien Isolation really fell under my radar but after seeing it appear on heaps of best games of 2014 lists I feel like I missed out. 

    The bad taste from Colonial Marines didn’t last too long in gamer’s mouths, obviously.

  • jennymy90

    These are all great games, but for me i would put in Sims 4 as number 3 but infamous would be in my top five still though

  • zinger if you haven’t got Alien Isolation yet, it’s worth taking a look at I think, It’s a good game but it’s actually made by different people to the ones who made colonial marines (which I haven’t played). What’s your top 3 for this year?

    thanks for reading 🙂

  • jennymy90 thanks for reading 🙂 Sims is certainly fun to, but I just felt it wasn’t top 3 this year, even though I do like playing it a lot haha



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