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The League Asia-Pacific Season II 2016-17 starts January 13

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Wargaming has let us know some of the details for their upcoming season for this year.

“Season II will see a change of format into a triple round robin – teams will fight against each other three times during the season, battling it out for a season prize pool of over $200,000 USD. After three phases of round robins, matches will culminate with the APAC playoffs on March 26th. It will be followed by the Season finals with the 4 best teams from the Asia-Pacific League invited to compete at an offline event. Then, the best ranked teams will secure their tickets to Moscow to compete with best teams from other regions in The Grand Finals 2017.”

For the APAC region, matches will be broadcasted from Friday to Sunday with following schedule:

Friday2 matches
Saturday4 matches
Sunday4 matches

Watch it below ūüôā

The English Live broadcast will be available on their dedicated viewing platform:, with the stream also being broadcast in Japanese, Mandarin and Korean on the official Twitch channels.

Source: Wargaming

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