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The Walking Dead – The Well Review

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Caution: Major Spoilers Are In The Walking Dead – The Well Review

After such a big and brutal first episode for the season, I wasn’t sure where episode 2 was going to take us at all and no idea what to expect. The Well takes us away from Rick and his group and Negan and all those horrible things and instead focuses on Carol (Melissa McBride) and Morgan (Lennie James) who have arrived in a new town. This episode introduces the audience to a new character, King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) who we haven’t seen in the show before until now.

Khary Payton as King Ezekiel - The Walking Dead

Khary Payton as King Ezekiel – The Walking Dead

Like most leaders we meet in The Walking Dead, King Ezekiel seems to be a bit of a mad man, he’s acts like a medieval king would, he’s super nice, he’s got a town of people that love him and he’s also get a pet tiger!

I don’t know anything about this character other than what I saw in this episode and I’ve never read the comics at all. I’m not sure if King Ezekiel is going to one day turn into a villain and his “being a good king” act is just pretend or if it’s real, guess I’ll have to wait to see how it all goes.

In terms of the acting, I think that Khary Payton didn’t have the amount of hype or pressure that Jeffrey Dean Morgan had last week as the show’s main brand new character and villain. But Khary Payton did well as more of a lighter character to watch and due to the change in tone, the show was much less stressful to watch as a result, which I think is important for the series at this point.

This episode was a lot more lighter to watch, which is strange because we get to see pigs eating walkers and that’s low level stuff for this show. It’s interesting to see though that the King is not all entirely independent. Ezekiel runs one of the towns that’s under Negan’s control and we see a bit of a confrontation between the two groups during an exchange. I do wonder if in a few episodes time that possibly Rick’s group and Ezekiel’s will join together against Negan.

The special effects were quite good in this episode. Ezekiel’s tiger looked just as good as a Game Of Thrones dragon and I’m very impressed with the level of detail that we got for what is essentially a TV show, it’s better than in a lot of films really.

As an episode in the series, there’s not much in this one other than introducing a new character and a town. It’s interesting and I am interested to see where this King Ezekiel story ark goes and what happens to Carol and Morgan during their time there. But I feel that the next big episode will be next week when we see Rick and his group again.


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  • Za Dragoneel

    I wish the tiger just eats Negan’s face off and then Rick smashes his skull with his bat by the end of the season…that would be amazing

    • Bryan Weatherall

      haha! let’s see how things go in the next few episodes

  • Fawaz Alshammri

    Bryan my friend, your writing never cease to amaze. You caught all the key-points of the episode and also the key elements behind this episode.
    Well done and keep it up, will be looking forward to reading your opinion on the whole season.

    • Bryan Weatherall

      Thank you Fawaz, I’m glad you enjoyed reading my review again this week 🙂



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