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The Walking Dead – Service Review

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Caution: Spoilers In The Walking Dead – Service Review

Service is the fourth episode for this season of The Walking Dead and one episode that I’ve been looking forward to seeing all season. My reason for this is because I love to watch episodes that are mostly focused around Rick (Andrew Lincoln). I know that the show does have a lot of characters and we can get some interesting episodes that revolve around people who aren’t Rick, but even so, I prefer the Rick based ones (he is the main character after all).

Service was all about the return of Negan to Rick’s town and it was all about seeing how Rick’s group is doing following the events of episode one for this season. Things aren’t going too well, Rick appears to broken up about it all (at least on the surface) and appears to completely submissive to Negan’s demands. We see Negan go around town taking things like medicine, mattresses and all their weapons, much to the opposition of a few of Rick’s townspeople.

I say that it appears Rick is only broken up about things on the surface because I don’t think he really is. I mentioned in some reviews long past now, that I wasn’t sure if Rick truly was broken or not (although I think he was close to being there). I now feel that he isn’t really and mainly because of one thing that he did in this episode. He lied to Negan about Maggie, he tells Negan that she’s dead and they visit a grave site. This action suggests to me that he’s up to something and maybe he’s got some type of plan. Hopefully he doesn’t get caught. I do wonder though, if Maggie isn’t dead, then what’s in the grave? Guns?

There wasn’t too much more to this episode, we see Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) going around intimidating everyone again. There’s a bit of side story with Rosita (Christian Serratos) going out and finding Daryl’s bike and being worried about having no guns, since they’re taking them all. We also get to see Daryl (Norman Reedus) for a bit during this episode, he looked pretty messed up though.

Overall it was a good episode for the season. It’s great to see a Rick episode again. But I think it’ll be a few weeks before we see what’s going on with his group again. From the preview for next week, it seems we’ll be finding out what happened to Maggie (Lauren Cohan) next.


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  • Fawaz Alshammri

    As much as I hate to admit this, they should’ve brought this character earlier even though the echoes of how bad The Saviors are was an interesting one but overall the episode was too slow and I started loosing interest in the show… totally the opposite of how the show started this season with a massive bang!
    Hopefully they will increase the heat a bit considering there’s only two more episodes to come…

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