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The Sims 4: Backyard Stuff Review

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Our Sims are in for a cool treat as our friends at The Sims have now released “The Sims 4: Backyard Stuff” Stuff Pack. There is a bunch of content in this one so it’s time for some outdoors fun! I was a big fan of the Outdoor set from The Sims 3 Stuff Packs so I had high hopes for this one and I can safely say, they have been fulfilled. The outdoor decor and furnishings are awesome in this pack! The first thing I noticed was the range of options for colours! So many neutrals, blues, pinks and purples, of course I had to use my favourite princess Sim to demonstrate the whimsical additions in the latest stuff pack because, everything just looks like a fairytale and it’s perfect for her backyard.

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There are new pots and vases full of lush flowers with a variety of designs to match every backyard landscape. Little froggies can sit on the edge of your fountain, the bird house and bird feeders are a cute addition with some new animations, and the  wind-chimes are really impressive! You can choose from Bamboo, Ceramic or Aluminium chimes, each create a different sound, and you can even change the pitch of your chime.


Aside from the above additions, this pack boasts two major objects; the Lawn Water Slide and the Large Umbrella Table. The lawn water slide is so much fun! There are two options, one simple with different designs or the “Jaws of Death” slide. Sims take turns doing “trick slides” and if their athletic skill is not the best — the not-so graceful bails are probably some of the funniest animations I’ve seen in a while. Outdoor dining has never been so family orientated! Up to six Sims can sit at the new Large Umbrella Table together to enjoy BBQ meals, and the new refreshing beverages thanks to the new Summer Drinks Tray. Now all we need is a “Pool Party” social event and summer is officially here!

Here is a glimpse of the new fashion that comes with Backyard Stuff. There is quite a bit of new content for hair and clothing, I’m loving this polka-dot overalls number! New hair for all ages and genders, and it seems The Sims creators are taking advantage of the fact all genders can share clothing which means there are hundreds of options when it comes to creating the perfect summer ensemble.

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Overall, I think the new content in this pack is great! Heaps of bright colours, really pretty decor, cute outfits and some fun new interactions that will be keeping me warm this Australian winter. Thanks for reading and feel free to lend me your thoughts about The Sims 4: Backyard Stuff Pack in the comments below! 🙂


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