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The Philosophy Of Aristotle

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Aristotle is one of the most famous philosopher’s of all time, but what exactly were Aristotle’s teachings and what was he really like? The following video takes us quickly through the philosophy of Aristotle and gives us an idea of what he was all about.

The Philosophy Of Aristotle

Aristotle spoke quite a lot about happiness, friendship, tragedies and rhetoric. What these all mean in the society that we live.

One of Aristotle’s most interesting teachings was to do with rhetoric. He was fascinated with arguments and why the best argument doesn’t always win out in his society. In his time in Athens, many things were discussed in the Agora, otherwise known as the town square and things were debated there. But did the best argument win out? Nope, he found it was influenced by many factors such as the appearance of an individual, personality or a variety of factors that were nothing to do with the debate. In response to this Aristotle invented rhetoric which is the art of getting people to agree with you and it’s something that thousands of the best public speakers use today to get their points across to their audience in an effective way.

This video appeared on the School Of Life YouTube channel, visit their channel if you want more philosophy videos. You can find the School of Life right here.

The Philosophy Of Aristotle

The Philosophy Of Aristotle

Random Fact: Aristotle was Alexander The Great’s teacher, Alexander later when on to conquer all of the ancient world.

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