The Longest Ride Australian Release Date

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The Longest Ride Australian Release Date

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The Longest Ride Australian Release Date

The Longest ride Australian release date is the 9th of April, 2015. The film is based on one of the bestselling stories by Nicholas Sparks and focuses on the love story between Luke and Sophia. Luke is a bull rider who was once a great champion, but is now struggling to get back into the sport. Sophia is a college student who is about to finish and will soon be starting her dream job in the art world of New York City.

The Longest Ride Trailer

The Longest Ride will star Scott Eastwood as Luke Collins, Britt Robertson as Sophia, Melissa Benoist as Marcia, Alan Alda as Ira Levinson, Jack Huston as Ira (Younger) and Oona Chaplin as Ruth.

With regards to the two leads you may have seen Britt Robertson in the TV series Under The Dome where she played Angie McAlister, she also appeared in Cake as Becky. Scott Eastwood has appeared in Fury as Sergeant Miles and Mercury Plains as Mitch Davis as well as a few other roles.

Britt Robertson in The Longest Ride

Britt Robertson in The Longest Ride

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