The Last Witch Hunter Review


The Last Witch Hunter Review

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The Last Witch Hunter is an action/fantasy film directed by Breck Eisner who some may know as the director of Sahara (2005). This film stars Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood and Michael Caine. The film is about the last witch hunter, who lives forever, but is all that stands in the way of a powerful witch that wants to take over the world.

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The Last Witch Hunter Review

The Last Witch Hunter is one of the few fantasy films to be released in 2015 and being one of the few fantasy films, it makes The Last Witch Hunter somewhat different from all the rest of things put out there. Many would be excited going in to see this, it’s got Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood and Michael Caine who are all actors everyone does enjoy watching. Vin Diesel in particular is a big draw card that’s sure to bring audiences in to see the film as he likely has the most fans of the lot and does well to entertain throughout the film.

The biggest part that lets down this film though is the plot, it’s a bit silly to be honest. While I do understand that Vin Diesel plays The Last Witch Hunter, I do think that making it impossible for him to die or be hurt is kind of a mistake, there’s no tension in any of the scenes, why would there be? He can’t die at all, nothing can happen! This one thing in the script kind of ruins it, although I do quite like the world created for this film and the lore of the witches and hunters is interesting.

The directing from Breck Eisner is good for the most part and some of the scenes look very well set up and I really enjoyed the look of some of the sets, it was some good work. There are some things though that seem amiss, I’ve never seen Vin Diesel with hair before, but you will if you see this film, but to be honest, it looked fake for some reason and it kind of takes you out of the film. The film needed a lot more tension, he’s the last witch hunter, we need to want him to survive and win, but there’s no tension throughout our heroes journey at all. It’s kind of like as if Vin Diesel’s character was just way overpowered and can really almost wreck anyone, doesn’t really matter who it is.

In terms of the acting, it’s all good, although Elijah Wood is a let down and looked to be putting in almost no effort into his role. Rose Leslie and Vin Diesel were the standouts in the film and worked well on screen together. Vin Diesel is probably who most go out to see and he doesn’t disappoint, but the character he plays isn’t as exciting as someone like Riddick, but it’s okay, Vin Diesel fans will probably enjoy it regardless.

The music is nice and gives the audience a good sense that this is a fantasy film. Special effects are well done, but here and there you can tell a bit too much that it’s not real, especially at the end when you see a certain car driving off into the distance which is a bit lame to be honest. The storms are great though, lightning and thunder shine brightly and lit up the whole cinema that I was in which was great for the atmosphere in the room.

Overall The Last Witch Hunter is an okay fantasy film that Vin Diesel fans will likely enjoy a bit more than others. The storyline is fairly average though, but it’s helped by some good on screen appearances from both Vin Diesel and Rose Leslie. Special effects are well done and the film is at its best during the big storm scenes or when Vin Diesel is smashing stuff. The Last Witch Hunter is an okay time waster film that most can easily sit through and not be bored with, but I would recommend watching it on your cinema’s cheapest day or renting it out when it releases to avoid being disappointed with the storyline.

6 out of 10


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