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The Hateful Eight Premiere In Sydney

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Recently I had to the joy of attending the Hateful Eight Premiere in Sydney, Australia where I was not only able to watch the film but I was able to see the stars of the film in the person which included Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson and the director Quentin Tarantino.

It was a great night and all three of them were there for the black carpet before the film and also gave a small presentation for the audience on the day. What was great as well was that Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson both stayed for the screening so I can now claim that I watched a film with Quentin and Samuel who were only just a few rows back from where I was sitting which was awesome!

I have a few pictures here from the day which I will share in a picture gallery below for you all to look at.

As for the film itself I found myself enjoying it quite a lot, I loved the soundtrack in particular but also really enjoyed the tone, the action, the characters and the script. I highly recommend going out to see the film especially if you can find it screening somewhere with the the 70mm film as it’s honestly a great experience and a joy to watch. I liked the film so much that I’d love to watch it again soon if I can.

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  • Petey Oneto

    That’s sick, I’m very jealous

    • Bryan Weatherall

      it was so awesome!

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