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Table 19 Review

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Table 19 is a brand new romantic comedy which comes directed by Jeffrey Blitz. The film stars Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson and Wyatt Russell. It’s a film which follows the story of Eloise (Anna Kendrick), who was to be the maid of honour, but is removed from this duty after being dumped by the best man of the wedding via text, she decides to attend anyway and is seated at Table 19 with a bunch of nobodies.

At first when I first saw the trailer for this film, I really had no interest. But I went in to see it last week and ended up really enjoying it. It’s got a bunch of decent comedy actors in there for you to laugh at. All of them at certain points deliver something kind of funny at that wedding, it’s not jokes that will keep you laughing for more than 10 minutes or so, but it’s enough to have a few chuckles.

The story is basically a set up for a bunch of jokes about weddings and how lame or boring they can be sometimes for people who aren’t really too involved with the couple getting married. Table 19 focuses on the guests that I suppose the couple had to invite, but didn’t really care too much about, as one character puts it, it’s the closest table to the toilets.

Surprisngly, this film has some depth the the story, with a couple of awww moments to be had by the end of the run time to do with the drama surrounding Anna Kendrick’s Eloise and the best man, Teddy, who’s played by Wyatt Russell.

Anna Kendrick - Table 19

Anna Kendrick – Table 19

Overall Table 19 is a decent film to check out and is one of the few romantic comedies I’ve seen this year in 2017. Which is strange as films of this genre used to be so common. It is though a fun enough movie with some interesting characters and some funny jokes thrown in to keep it all fun. If you like weddings, or going to weddings or things of that nature, Table 19 may be of more interest to you than others.

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