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Sunstone Comic – Full Series Review

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Mature audience warning.

Sunstone is a story for the heart. The story pacing and character development are so intense and well done that it will grip you from the first pages all the way to its wonderful conclusion in book 5.

I find a lot of similarities in the story layout of Sunstone to great movies and other theatrical masterpieces. The type that are acclaimed for their excellent directors and actors. Stjepan Šejić and probably a small group of people with him, have managed to produce in a small selection of only 5 books, a story with enough emotional pull on the reader that it gives Pixar films a run for their money.

Now before you run off to read it and become greatly disturbed by the fact I have referenced a family focused production studio in relation to Sunstone, I will place a warning here.

The contents of these books deal with serious adult themes and relationships and those who don’t like to go outside of their own comfort zone, may not appreciate some of the content portrayed in the books.

Using a more intense style of relationship, Stjepan Šejić, creates a very real feeling of affection between the main characters, Ally and Lisa. That the two of them are entering into a Dom/Sub, same sex relationship, only adds a bit more tension to an already out of character move for Lisa. As the story progresses and we come to know some more people in their lives, the reader is pulled further and further into the world that has been created on each page.

The use of colors and images outside the borders of each panel help to really set a tone for each beat of the story without needing to be in your face about how things are going in each frame. It adds a level of subtle emotion and depth that is often lacking from the more traditional comics.

Overall the I found the story to be gripping from the very outset. Every new twist and turn that the characters felt and experienced was as interesting as the last and the emotion of each character was clearly and easily felt. If you are wanting to read a fantastic love story with a slightly different setting from your normal relationship stories, Sunstone is a great choice.

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