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The name Resident Entertainment is derived from our focus on entertainment products that people as ‘Residents’ enjoy consuming. Resident Entertainment is a website devoted to the coverage of entertainment news and reviews. Find out more about us here.

As the site has been online for a few years now, it has become increasingly difficult to make money from our content. The use of things like ad blockers by many people who read our site limits our ability to earn money from our work. While Resident Entertainment has been free to read since the site began in 2012. We would like to move in 2017 to a subscription model, with the intention to remove ads completely from the site over time should we gain enough subscribers and support.

We ask for your support so that the site can continue to grow. We are still a small media start up brand with all volunteer writers. By supporting Resident Entertainment, a few of the benefits include:

  • With enough subscribers we will be able to pay our current writers to create content for the site and for our readers to enjoy
  • With enough subscribers we will be able to hire journalists who can create great content for the site meaning that Resident Entertainment could offer employment to people in the future.
  • Many media brands have to write “click bait” articles to get thousands of views to their site so they can get ad revenue, but this isn’t really good quality journalism and many find it annoying. By changing our focus away from ads to subscribers, our focus won’t be on “click bait” articles and instead it will be on better quality articles as we will be interested in keeping our subscribers with quality content for them to read or watch every month.
  • Subscribers will all be automatically entered into any of Resident Entertainment’s competitions in the future where they can possibly win prizes
  • Subscribers who sign up and support Resident Entertainment each month will all be able to read every article on the site.
  • Subscribers will be supporting a start up media site to grow into something bigger


All subscriptions are managed with PayPal. Once subscribed, should  a person wish to cancel their subscription, they can cancel their subscription any time by logging into their PayPal account. For any help with this please contact us here.