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Star Trek: Discovery Context Is For Kings Review

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Our Star Trek: Discovery Context Is For Kings Review Does Have Spoilers – Read This After You’ve Seen The Episode 🙂

So the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery was just released and this one is quite a big episode for the show with viewers finally getting to take a look at the new ship that the show is named after, Discovery.

As a viewer of this third episode of the show, I felt for some reason that maybe it should have been a 3 episode mega premiere or something because with our main character Michael visiting Discovery, this episode really could have almost served as a pilot episode just on it’s own. But nevertheless we got an extended introduction here. Apart from the new ship, we get a few very interesting characters to watch, these include Captain Gabriel Lorca, Paul Stamets and Sylvia Tilly.

When watching the show I felt that Jason Isaacs who plays Captain Gabriel Lorca was fantastic. It’s not 100% clear, but I guess you could say he is probably this year’s villain and has some sort of agenda which might not be in the Star Fleet vision for what a ‘good Captain’ is. But I’m very interested to see where this might go and thought that of all actors here that really made an impact and for villains, this is certainly important. I also really enjoyed watching Mary Wiseman who plays a very bubbly character, Sylvia Tilly, this character certainly does look like a lot of fun.

The ship tour was very nice and it was interesting to see all the rules and regulations inside the ship as Michael wandered around exploring it. There’s a lot of codes to follow and things seem very rigid with the line of command. I don’t get any type of ‘home’ vibe from the ship at all though, to me being on Discovery so far looks like if you were to stay at work all day and never leave. Everyone is so formal and professional. I do wonder how this will change going forward in the later episodes once characters like Michael and Sylvia become closer friends.

The special effects were great. This was a big episode for the ship reveal and there’s nothing really to complain about. I guess the special effects aren’t on the level of a Game Of Thrones dragon scene, but still the ship looked decent and I loved the design of Discovery. I am very excited to see how it will perform in a battle going forward.

There were some downers to this episode, I was no fan of the monster running around the ship, it was a bit too silly for me and I just don’t get why they didn’t just stun that thing or just kill it. But it seems Captain Lorca wanted to keep it as a pet in the end.

Overall this was a decent episode which I guess as the title suggests places some context in what we have going forward. We now know the ship, the crew, the captain and little more about the situation they all face. It’s now for the later episodes to impress us with their stories.

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