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Spy Review

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Spy is a comedy film which stars Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jason Statham, Jude Law and Miranda Hart. Spy is a film which is both written and directed by Paul Feig who some may know as the director of Bridesmaids (2011). In this film Melissa McCarthy plays  Susan Cooper who works behind the scenes and behind a computer at a Spy agency. When all the identities of the spies in her agency are uncovered by a bunch of criminals, Susan Cooper is recruited to go undercover to investigate.

Spy Trailer

Spy Review

As a comedy film the plot of Spy is fairly well done and the film as a whole is a lot of fun to watch. There are a variety of different jokes and gags throughout the film, some of them are very funny and others miss the mark completely, but overall it’s a very funny film. Jason Statham in particular is very funny to watch and so to is Rose Byrne as they both steal the show.

There are countless comedic based spy films out there and there were even a few that were released earlier this year such as Kingsman: The Secret Service. But this film is a bit better than the previous offering. It also like Kingsman had some unexpected gory scenes in amongst the action sequences which got many laughs in the screening I was in.

Spy Review - Jason Statham

Spy Review – Jason Statham

Paul Feig did a great job with directing and also writing Spy. All throughout the film there was good use of music, comedic timing from the actors as well as a story, which didn’t feel slow. Although towards the end, the film felt a little longer than it needed to be, but you don’t feel like it’s bad point though. As far as films from Paul Feig go this is likely his best one so far.

All the actors deliver some entertaining performances. However, even though Melissa McCarthy is the star of the film and the main character, it felt to me that she was slightly overshadowed by more interesting cast members and characters, particularly Jason Statham and Rose Byrne. For the people going into the film to see Jude Law and Miranda Hart, they are in there in quite a few scenes but not so much though. Both Jude Law and Miranda Hart have good parts in the film but maybe could have been used more throughout it.

Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy Spy Clip

For a comedy the action sequences are fairly good. According to the IMDB trivia for Spy, Melissa McCarthy trained in Filipino martial arts to prepare for the films fight scenes. As said earlier, some of the kills are a little more gory than you may imagine but it’s strangely enjoyable to watch them. There’s also explosions and car chases all throughout the film, which seem to come as a standard feature with every film with a bit of action in it nowadays.

Spy Review - Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne

Spy Review – Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne

Overall Spy is a comedy that is actually worth seeing at the cinema and it’s a very enjoyable film to go and watch. It doesn’t feel like money wasted on something silly and the mix of a strong cast of actors as well as delivering quite a few laughs, makes Spy a solid entertainment experience. It’s a good film choice if you’re looking for a comedy to go and see and don’t mind a bit of action to go along with it as well.

8 out of 10

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