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Spin Out Review

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Spin Out is an Australian film from directors Tim Ferguson and Marc Gracie. The film stars  Xavier Samuel,  Morgan Griffin, Travis Jeffery and Lincoln Lewis. The film is a love story/comedy centered around Lucy and Billy, they both live in the outback and drive utes. They’re a team, but they could really be something more, that is of course if Billy can get his act together.

I’m not sure if there’s any real problems with Spin Out or what the filmmakers were trying to achieve with it. But after watching it, I would say it’s an okay experience. We watch these characters who live somewhere in the outback, they drive Utes, they drink beer and they go to parties. Everything is really laid back and easy. I’m not sure where this happens in Australia, but it does seem like a kind of cool life to have.

The two main characters of Lucy (Morgan Griffin) and Billy (Xavier Samuel) are interesting enough to watch for the films run time. But I did not feel with this story that anyone faced a real big complication for things to become interesting, I feel it just needed something more to it. It was kind of like Billy likes Lucy and Lucy likes Billy and we just spend time watching them sort of try figure things out. It’s an okay story, but it’s just very simple and I feel I just wanted something more from it.

The actors all seemed nice enough. Morgan Griffin is I think the best one of the cast and I do believe she has good potential for future films, hopefully she can get some more roles after this in some more films because I do think she could do well. Everyone else is alright, but the script doesn’t give the actors much to work with. Everything is all very casual and laid back really.

It’s a hard film to recommend going to see at the cinemas. There are some who will go out and watch it because they love Australian films and want to support it and I do want to support the local film industry. But Spin Out is honestly just mediocre and that’s okay, I don’t mind it, you can go see it and it’ll be okay to watch. It has some moments in there which are funny and there is some fun in there to be had. But it might be a film that I’d say would be better as a rental or to wait till it’s on TV to watch instead.

5 out of 10

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