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“The Sims 4: Bowling Night” Stuff Pack Review

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You read that right. Bowling. Like… Ten-Pin Bowling. A whole Stuff Pack dedicated to one hobby…

You should know me by now. I love The Sims. I’m a huge fan girl and I’ve been following this franchise and it’s “interesting” additions over the years, however, after the “Diesel” Pack from The Sims 3… Bowling is possibly the most random Stuff Pack yet. I even thought that it might have been “left overs” from another Expansion pack. I have done the research for you, so here is my review on the new The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff Pack.

I recorded half of this video before I installed the Stuff Pack — at the beginning I was pretty indifferent. I wasn’t really keen or interested in the Bowling aspect of this pack but, after mucking around with it for the video I have to say, I changed my mind! The whole feel of this pack is really unique and that’s the best part!

While there are a lot of items that relate to “Bowling”, including the new Ten Pin Adrenaline Bowling Lane which you can even put in your Sim’s homes. I really think the highlight of this Stuff Pack is the Retro-Modern Fashions and Furnishings. I am a big fan of anything Retro, so the Rockabilly and 1950’s style items is what really won me over this time.

And of course, there is a new Skill for your Sims to learn; the Bowling Skill, Taa-daa!! At level five your Sim will unlock all of the Special Bowling Balls, Trick Shots and even have the chance to unlock the Bowling Trophy by scoring a “Perfect Llama”, aka 10 strikes in one game. Oh, and the Light Up, “Moonlight” bowling experience is pretty cool too.

So, I know I bagged it at first… but I actually can’t wait to get a perfect score and win that bloody Llama trophy.

“The Sims 4: Bowling Night Stuff” is now available for download from EA Origin!

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