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Sausage Party Review

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Sausage Party is the latest Seth Rogen comedy film which also stars Michael Cera, James Franco, Bill Hader, Salma Hayek and Edward Norton. It’s not your usual Seth Rogen comedy in the sense that it’s not live action, it’s completely computer animated. It’s just like a Pixar movie, except it’s not for kids at all. If you’ve been a fan of Seth Rogen for some time or have been exposed to his movies in the past, you can expect around about the same type of comedy from Sausage Party. But is this film worth seeing at the cinema this weekend?

I would say the film is worth seeing if you’re a Seth Rogen fan and enjoy his type of humour or if you enjoy animated adult comedies. It’s possible if you’re one of those people who are in the Family Guy crowd, that you’ll probably like what you get when you see Sausage Party. If you’re not one of these types of people, it’s possible the film may not be the best for you. The humour is crude, filled with sex jokes and profanity and it is repeated over and over again for the entire films run time.

The voice acting is well done. As seen in the trailer you’ll get a good mix of people to listen to when watching this film and they all have interesting voices. The writing is well enough done that most people should be able to get a few laughs out of the film and the voice actors are all great at delivering the jokes. I’ve always thought that Seth Rogen had a funny type of voice and while I prefer to see him act in person, he’s still funny, even though his character is a sausage.

The film doesn’t really have many flaws, it’s a silly fun film that’s meant to just entertain the audience who goes to see it. But towards the end of it all, it does feel like things were a bit stretched out, a lot of jokes are repeated time and time again and the whole story about the humans eating the food gets old pretty quick.

The film does have a thematic undertone in there about religion and the place of God in the world. There are various religious based jokes made about many different beliefs which could possibly make some more sensitive people a bit mad when watching the film.

Sausage Party is overall a good laugh and is fun to watch. However things towards the end kind of drag on way too long and some of the jokes feel a little repeated. The voice acting is nicely done and there’s a lot in there for people who love the Seth Rogen films and the group of actors that accompany him in them regularly. In my view the film is okay, but not necessarily something I would say to run out and see as soon as you can, there are those who’ll love Sausage Party and all it offers, but I do think there’s also a lot who won’t at all.

5.5 out of 10

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