How To Remove And Replace The PS4 Faceplate

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How To Remove And Replace The PS4 Faceplate

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This video will show you how to remove and replace the PS4 faceplate. Those who may have damaged faceplates or those who need to get under there can take a look at how to safely remove the PS4 faceplate and then again place it back on using this video.

Sony has announced new faceplate designs for the PS4 and these at the moment include Little Big Planet 3 and The Order 1886 designs. I’m sure more will follow if these are popular but for now they are $24.99 and you can find out where to buy them from the PlayStation blog here.

For those who would prefer written steps:

Step 1

You will need to make sure the system is turned off. If the system light is white or orange you need to press and hold the power button until it beeps twice. Wait 30 seconds until everything is turned off completely. Then after that you need to unplug the system from the power socket and disconnect all cables from the system. This is very important to do.

Step 2

Place your hands on top of the faceplate and place your thumbs on the side of the system below the faceplate. Press down on the faceplate and pull it toward you until it comes free a quarter of an inch. Then lift the right side of the faceplate and then the left side and it should come off. Refer to the video above to see it in action.

Step 3

You can use the box from your new faceplate to keep your old faceplate in for safekeeping.

Step 4

Get your new faceplate and attach the left size of the faceplate to the PS4 system first at the same quarter inch distance where you pulled the old one off. Then lower your faceplate slowly to the right side of your system and it should attach. Then carefully push the faceplate back into the position.

Step 5

You’re done!

changing your PS4 faceplate

A PS4 with a changed Faceplate

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