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Purchase Event Listings On Resident Entertainment

If you have a business or work for an organisation that is hosting an entertainment event in Australia that you think may be of interest to our thousands of readers. You are welcome to put in a request for your event to be advertised on Resident Entertainment.

If you would like to know a little bit more about our readers so you can be sure that advertising with us is the right thing for your event and your business, we have prepared a very helpful infographic which is pictured below. With this you can see the different ages of our visitors, the different genders they comprise of, which country they are from and also which cities our readers on Resident Entertainment come from. All of the collected statistics were collected as averages between the months of January-December 2015 and represent an average month of visitors on the website.

Resident Entertainment 2015 Stats Infographic

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What is the cost of purchasing an event listing on Resident Entertainment?

Each event listing on Resident Entertainment costs $29.95

How do I submit my event?

Step 1: Visit our events page which is right here

Step 2: Click on the button located on the top right of our calendar entitle “post your event”

Step 3: After clicking the button an events form will appear which you can fill out with all your event details.

Step 4: Once you are finished with the form, click on the “Submit Event” button

Step 5: We will review your event, if it is approved you be contacted via e-mail and sent an invoice for your payment of $29.95. Once the invoice is paid you event will appear in our calendar.

It’s recommended you list your event with us at least one month before your event is on to ensure we can let all our readers know about it. You can find examples of how your event may look on Resident Entertainment by visiting our events page right here.

Please let us know if you have any questions about event listings on Resident Entertainment

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