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Playing A Bit Of CIV VI

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I’ve been spending a lot of time with Civilisation VI since it released and have been having a really great time with the game. I had some time to record a bit of a game I had as Tragan of Rome on Prince difficulty. The Prince level isn’t the highest difficulty in the game, it’s kind of the middle one. I was still learning how to play the game at this point as there are a lot of new features in this new one compared to Civilisation IV which I usually spend a lot of time on.

The game is quite good, I haven’t experienced any glitches or bugs at all.

I also really love the music in Civilisation VI. This game is honestly the most relaxing game to play in my current 2016 collection of games.

I only recorded two parts of me playing the game as I discover at the end that possibly the difficulty level was too easy for me so after that I didn’t continue this playthrough. If you’re looking to get into Civ VI, I hope these videos help. Apologies for the sound of my voice being low, it’s the first I’ve recorded a game in long time.

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