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Overwatch Summer Games 2017

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Just when we thought some of the Overwatch skins and Meme’s couldn’t get any more meta, the Summer Games arrive and blow us all away. Seven new skins were released this morning, along with many new emotes, sprays and highlight intros to celebrate the 2017 Summer games event.

With the event’s return, it see’s several changes to the event we saw last year.

First and most stunning is the new Sydney Australia, Lucioball arena. With an amazing nightscape to contrast against the bright colours and backgrounds of the still available Rio arena. Blizzard also made some balance changes to how Lucioball works, all to make it fairer for their new Copa Lucioball, a full 3-week competitive ladder experience, with nothing but Lucioball. Complete with placement matches, SR, leader boards and end of season rewards.

Widowmaker's Overwatch Summer Skin

Widowmaker’s Overwatch Summer Skin

Probably the most exciting for me though was the new skins that have come out with this latest event.

Everything from the old skins that I didn’t manage to get last year to the newest skins, I am excited by them all. Reapers Biker skin looks to be something of an homage to the biker groups that are very prevalent in Australian culture, while Junkrats cricket skin lives up to the hype that Jeff Kaplan built around it in the last Developer update video.

The two stand out skins though belong to Mercy and Soldier: 76. Mercy in her “Winged Victory Mercy” skin looks like a Greek goddess, while Soldier: 76 becomes what everyone has been asking for since Christmas, Dad: 76 or Grillmaster: 76, complete with Sock and Sandle combo and a ‘Raise the Steaks’ apron. Nothing could be more perfect than these two skins.

The 2017 Summer games comes to an end on August 29 AEST, so be sure to get in, play a bunch and enjoy it while you can, because it will be another year before you get a second shot at Dad: 76.

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