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Overwatch Quick Tips

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With the start of the 3rd competitive season in Overwatch, and the changes that have been made to the SR system between Season 2 and 3, it is time to talk a bit about some tips to help you deal with a lower or higher ranking than what you had expected to receive. Some basic idea’s, not gameplay tactics, which will help you fit better with you team and hopefully assist in your climb up the ranks to whatever your goal may be.

Overwatch Quick Tips


I know firsthand just how tempting it is to chase down that stray Lucio or Mercy, but often, if they are the last one standing, someone is coming to back them up. I have been caught out of position more often than I care to consider because I wanted to crush that last enemy with my giant axe. If the opposition retreat, use that time to regroup, heal and get ready for the next push. It’s a rare game that you can spawn camp the enemy players.


Overwatch is, at its core, a team game. Sometimes the requirements of the team may need you to get off you Bastion, Genji or Hanzo and play something you’re not so comfortable on. Learn to play a hero that is the total opposite of your favorite, when the chips are down and your being pushed back, a quick switch to something different may just throw off the other team enough for a clutch comeback victory. I speak from experience here. A lot of my games have been won, and lost, because my team couldn’t change fast enough to counter the other team.

The inbuilt voice chat system in Overwatch is far from perfect but it is a lot simpler than it used to be. Don’t be afraid to communicate to your team mates if you die or find the Torb turret in an odd spot. Map knowledge is the key to victory in a lot of cases. That means know what is going on and where, at any given time. Without complete omniscience, communication from 5 other sets of eyes must do.


Overwatch is a team game, and unlike a MOBA, there is no way for one person to pull a whole team to victory. Sometimes you will get a clutch play or that one kill that turns the tide, but no one person can do everything at once. At least not inside the level that each person should be ranked into. A Master player in Bronze would likely shred the other team to pieces, but that is almost impossible with how the MMR and SR works inside of the game.


There is no point in toxicity when you play. It will only lead to loses and more aggression. Both from you and from the people unlucky enough to have you on their team. No one likes to lose but a negative attitude will only speed you along the road to defeat. A loss of cohesion amongst team members will quickly be capitalized upon by any opposing force. Expect a high death count if you choose to go into a match mad.

Overwatch Hero, Sombra - Overwatch Quick Tips

Overwatch Hero, Sombra – Overwatch Quick Tips

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