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Mr Robot Season 2 Australian Release Date

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Mr Robot is soon to return to Australia and the Mr Robot season 2 Australian release date will be on July 14, 2016. The TV show will be streaming on the Presto streaming service and will be the first place in Australia that people can watch season 2 of Mr Robot. The Presto people are saying that it will be streamed “Express From The US” and in the first week, the TV show will launch on the service with a double episode available. The Mr Robot season 2 Australian release date on Presto will be the same day as the United States.

The USA Network recently announced that season 2 will have more episodes, with 12 episodes planned to be released, this was increased from the 10 episodes that season 1 had. It seems that all episodes for season 2 will be directed by Sam Esmail who is also the creator, writer and executive producer of Mr Robot. Fans of season 1 will likely be quite pleased to see Sam Esmail directing the series, although it is an incredible amount of work for one person to do.

Mr Robot is a show that follows the story of Elliot Anderson who is played by Rami Malek. Elliot is a cyber security engineer who gets involved with a hacker group known the “fsociety”. The fsociety has a very strange leader, Mr. Robot who is played by Christian Slater.  Season 2 is said to continue approximately 30 days after the end of season 1.

For those who are interested, season 1 is also streaming on Presto at the moment, so if you’ve seen no episodes at all, it’s the perfect time to catch up now because you’ll be able to go straight into season 2.

The Mr Robot Mr Robot Season 2 Australian Release Date is July 14, 2016

The Mr Robot Mr Robot Season 2 Australian Release Date is July 14, 2016

For those eagerly awaiting the Mr Robot Season 2 Australian release date, Presto has released Mr. Robot episode called Mr. Robot _dec0d3d.doc which is now available to watch. Presto says that it contains “commentary from real-life hackers, security experts and high profile journalists, Sam Esmail’s Golden Globe® Award-winning drama is expertly dissected as Mr. Robot _dec0d3d.doc attempts to answer the burning question; can hackers change the world and, if so, should they? Expert commenters include: Kor Adana (technical consultant on Mr Robot), Fred Kaplan (author, Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War), Peiter Zatko “Mudge” (cyber-security expert), Jeff Moss “Dark Tangent” (hacker), Edward Snowden (NSA whistle-blower) and many more.”

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