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Marvel Greenlights ‘Inhumans’ TV Show for ABC, First Two Episodes to Premiere in IMAX

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Marvel and IMAX are teaming up for a new hour-long ABC show, and it looks to be replacing one of Marvel’s planned features.

Marvel’s The Inhumans will debut on the Disney-owned network in September 2017 following a theatrical premiere of the first two episodes in IMAX over the summer. IMAX is a financing partner on the show, which will lead to every episode being filmed with IMAX cameras.

The Inhumans are a race of alien superheroes in the Marvel Comics that were first introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the ABC show Agents of SHIELD. An Inhumans movie was set to join the MCU with Marvel giving the film a November 2018 release date in October 2014. When Spider-Man joined the franchise in February 2015, Marvel delayed a bunch of their films with Inhumans moving to July 2019. But back in April of this year, things were looking bad when the movie was taken off the schedule with Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige citing the Spider-Man change-up and Disney putting Indiana Jones 4 in July 2019 as the reason. But a new release date wasn’t given.

This would make the fourth TV show between Marvel and ABC. Agents of SHIELD was launched in 2013 and is airing its fourth season now, Agent Carter lasted two seasons before being cancelled earlier this year, and an upcoming comedy called Damage Control was greenlit by the network. They join Marvel’s Netflix shows, such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, in this monstrous superhero franchise.

No writer, director, or showrunner has been selected yet.

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