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March’s Video Game Recommendations

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As I pour through the video game release dates and select my picks for March, I wondered how I could find the time to play all these games. Spoiler alert… I can’t. I do take solace in the fact that out there, somewhere, I’m actively contributing to someone’s backlog as well as my own. Thy backlog shall never, dwindle. Accept your backlog, become one with it, and check out Resident Entertainment’s March video game picks.

March 1st


Developer: Samurai Punk

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Ah screencheating, the origin of many video game feuds of yesteryear. Whether declared due to the violation of the most sacred and implicit of gaming’s rules or cried out in disbelief following defeat, this aspect of gaming has slowly died with the rise online multiplayer. Gone are the days of 007 on the N64. However the aptly named Screencheat, puts a new spin on screencheating. Not only is it expected of you, but screencheating is a must for you to emerge victorious. Unable to see your invisible opponents, you must rely on the other screens to search, locate, and find your target. With 11 maps, 10 weapons, and 9 customizable game modes Screencheat is (pun inbound) … looking to put some chaos back into couch local multiplayer games.

March 4th

Into the Stars

Developer: Fugitive Games

Platforms: PC

Video games have always pushed players into exploring the final frontier. Into the Stars takes that exploration seriously in the open-world space survival simulation game. As the captain of your starship Ark 13, its up to you to explore the great unknown and find a new home for humanity. Explore the stars, find needed resources, and survive at all costs.

March 5th (Australia) March 4th (North America)

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Developer: Nintendo

Platforms: Wii U

It’s hard to determine what’s going to be harder to wait for. Is it the unveiling of the NX due to release this year, or a new Zelda installment? Well whatever it may be, we have an HD remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to hold us over. Originally released back in 2006 on both the Wii and the Gamecube to critical acclaim. Despite the remaster craze recently subsiding, a Twilight Princess remaster is more than welcome.

March 8th

Tom Clancy’s The Division

Developer: Ubisoft

Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

Shooters are evolving. Destiny was this generation’s first attempt at creating a different type of shooter going above the standard campaign plus multiplayer package. Tom Clancy’s The Division looks to take another step in that trend of creating a distinct and more social experience in this open world 3rd person shooter. The Division takes place after a Black Friday incident caused a smallpox virus to spread across the United States leading to national chaos and the governments collapse. Part of the Strategic Homeland Division players are tasked to combat threats and prevent the further collapse of society. The Division is shaping up to be the biggest game in terms of both sales and hype of 2016 so far.

March 16th

Dungeon of the Endless

Developer: Amplitude Studios

Platforms: Xbox One, PC

A prison ship sent to colonize an hostile planet was shot down by an abandoned defense system of an ancient race. These prisoners now find find themselves in the basement of a massive facility once used by this ancient race, a basement so vast its practically endless. The rouge-like game tasks players to protect the generator of their crashed ship, explore the expansive dungeon, and fight monsters to find a way off the planet.

March 18th

Pokkén Tournament

Developer: Bandi Namco

Platforms: Wii U

The Wii U is making March a big month. Twilight Princes AND Pokkén Tournament! A long time ago on the N64 Pokemon Stadium dazzled with its 3D renditions of the popular monsters in battle. Fast forward to 2016 and while we might not have another Pokemon Stadium, we do have Pokkén Tournament. A fighting game similar to Tekken, hence the name “Pokkén,” in terms of mechanics, it also features beloved Pokemon monsters. From first generation favorites such as Mewtwo and Gengar and subsequent generations Blaziken and Lucario, Pokkén Tournament faces these monsters off in arcade style combat. A sizable roster, with various assist characters, Pokkén Tournament will also be adding additional characters past release.

Oh, it also features Pikachu Libre. It’s Pikachu… in a luchador mask. If that doesn’t convince you to play the game I don’t know what will.

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