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London Has Fallen Review

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London Has Fallen is a film that stars Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman. It comes directed by Babak Najafi. The film is a story about a day in which a variety of world leaders are attending the funeral of the British Prime Minister, when they are all attacked and killed by a bunch of bad guys, but the bad guys fail to kill the US President and his bodyguard who are now on the run in London which is filled with hostiles.

London Has Fallen has us watching action star Gerard Butler for the most part take down dozens and possibly hundreds of bad guys throughout its run time. The man is an unstoppable force that will just not go down and will stop at nothing to keep the US president safe who is played by Aaron Eckhart. Both men have their moments, but Gerard Butler has all the good ones as Aaron Eckhart is restricted due to him having to play someone who is meant to be a world leader.

The movie is really silly, it’s hard for me to believe that the President would be running all over London with his bodyguard while a variety of people try to kill him and he fights back pretty hard as well. The action component of this film won’t let you down too much, there’s a lot of shootouts, car chases and fist fights to keep you entertained.

Where the movie does fall down quite a lot is with its plot. I just didn’t buy that this could happen and even though it’s made up, I still felt that what was going on was just silly. While I do love America and I don’t mind the idea of this story, there are still undertones in here about terrorism and drone strikes and things like which I don’t think this film really needed and it’s a distraction.

Actors are all not bad, I mean you do get Gerard Butler who is by far the standout and you have Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman to keep things going. It’s possible that it may have benefited from a better villain though, because the guy we got was pretty bad as villains go and I’ve already forgotten him completely.

Overall this is a film that I would say that if you want to go and watch it, please go see it on one of the discount days at your local cinema to save yourself the feeling of being ripped off because you just may get disappointed. While this film does have a lot of things in it that I like such as Gerard Butler, lots of action and of course America, it’s got a lot of things I also don’t like such as an unbelievable plot and a poor villain. It’s hard for me to recommend this one.

5 out of 10

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