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Home is the latest animated film from Dreamworks and follows the story of a nomadic race of aliens who travel to Earth to live there. One of the aliens is named Oh, Oh finds it hard to make friends and is constantly making mistakes. Oh makes a big mistake early on in the film and it’s not long before he is on the run from his own people. While running away he meets a brand new friend, a human girl called Tip and the two go on a journey together.

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I wasn’t entirely sure if I was going to enjoy watching Home or not when I went in to see it, but then as the film progressed I found myself liking it quite a lot. Jim Parsons who is the voice of Oh is as funny as ever and Steve Martin who voices Captain Smek delivers quite a lot of laughs which I think the kids will really enjoy.

The movie also had some really interesting characters and there was a lot of meaning behind what was going on with them. Oh is a person who just wants to fit in, have many friends and have an great time but the people around him don’t seem to really accept him. While Tip is a person who just wants to find her mum who was displaced when the aliens arrived and she talks a lot about the importance of family and friends. The movie also has a nice message about being brave and not running away from problems and I really like the overall theme in Home.

This is Tip who is voiced by Rihanna in Dreamworks' Home

This is Tip who is voiced by Rihanna in Dreamworks’ Home

The animations in this film are really well done. There is a lot going on on screen and the 3D is alright as well. You can notice little subtle details in the animation that make this film stand out. If you look closely at Tip’s hair you can notice it’s very highly detailed and looks great on screen. All the bright colours and the explosions and things like that as well as how the aliens change colour here and there are something I think the kids will really enjoy as well.

I really enjoyed the voice acting in Home and thought that everyone really knocked it out of the park in this. The only issue I had with the film though is that the voice of Oh from Jim Parsons to me looked like he was speaking too fast for the animation to keep up, he has a really wide mouth and I just wasn’t sure at times about it. But I really enjoyed the voice acting from Rihanna and Steve Martin who were both really great in this.

Home has some great use of music as well, there are tracks in the soundtrack from both Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez and the songs really help bring out a sense of fun at times. The film has a very upbeat and happy tone to it that is refreshing to watch and really enjoyable as well. I just think that kids will really enjoy this film and I really liked it as well. I felt really happy coming out of watching it so I have to say that I enjoyed it.

Rihanna – Towards The Sun (from The “Home” Soundtrack)

Overall Home is a really enjoyable animated film. It has a great story, well written characters, great voice acting and some really upbeat sounds and colours. I think that kids will really enjoy the animations and all the fun explosions that are in this film. I felt it was a really positive film with a great message and theme to it that makes it an interesting and fun experience. I left the cinema happy after seeing Home and I hope others enjoy it as well.

9 out of 10

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