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Hitman’s Bodyguard Review

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Hitman’s Bodyguard Review – Spoiler Free 🙂

Hitman’s Bodyguard is a film which comes directed by Patrick Hughes who some may know as the director of The Expendables 3 (read review). The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman. It’s a film about the world’s top bodyguard, who is the best at what he does. The world’s best bodyguard is hired to protect an unconventional asset, a hitman and not just any hitman, one of the best out there too and one of the very people who the bodyguard usually protects his targets against.

Hitman’s Bodyguard is an interesting comedy. It’s got Ryan Reynolds in it whose career has really been boosted lately after his appearance in Deadpool (read review). In this we see a slightly similar Reynolds to his deadpool character perform alongside Samuel L. Jackson who is very well known for his performances in these action comedy films. I do like the two lead actors in this film, I felt that they actually worked well together, but it always seemed that it was Samuel who got all the funniest of lines and I found myself enjoying his character a lot more than Ryan’s.

The action scenes are fairly decent. They’re good in terms of what you would usually get for an action comedy. I was not a big fan of the cgi in this film. It felt at certain points to be not as polished as maybe it could have been and that maybe could have been due to this film’s budget, but it certainly showed in some scenes. I did feel the gun scenes and the mixture of the comedic tone to be entertaining and certainly had a great time sitting there watching everything unfold.

Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds in Hitman's Bodyguard

Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds in Hitman’s Bodyguard

The plot is interesting enough, for an action comedy I don’t have the highest of expectations for this type of thing, but it’s good enough and the villain who is played by Gary Oldman had I think just the right impact in this film. Where it probably will sit in most people’s minds as to whether or not this is a great film or not is with the humour. I myself found Samuel L. Jackson very funny and laughed a few times at his many jokes, but I wasn’t so enthusiastic with Ryan Reynolds. Others may have different preferences with these two actors and their performances as well as the type of humour in the script.

Overall this is a decent action comedy that will keep you entertained at the cinema this week. Both Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson put in some entertaining performances, with Samuel standing out as the film’s best. The action scenes are great, but the special effects weren’t that much to be impressed with. While this isn’t a must see film for the year. it’s still a good choice in amongst this week’s lineup.

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