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GWENT Challenger Tournament Over – Champion Crowned

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CD Projekt Red, creators of The Witcher series of games, announce that Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy won the GWENT Challenger tournament. CD Projekt Red tells us “The finals of GWENT Challenger took place on May 13th. Winners of community qualifiers Mikhail “Fion56” Yastrebov, Alexey “Oikumena” Raspopov, Alexander “ProNeo” Shpak and Barret “Vishra” Goss took on professional gamers Jeffrey “Trump” Shih, Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy, Peter “ppd” Dager, and Kacem “Noxious” Khilaji. The tournament’s prizepool was $100,000.”

After the tournament ended, player standings were as follows:

  • Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy — $60,000
  • Kacem “Noxious” Khilaji — $20,000
  • Peter “ppd” Dager — $10,000
  • Mikhail “Fion56” Yastrebov — $10,000

You can watch the highlights of the GWENT Tournament below

You can also see the full tournament right here.

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