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Gods Of Egypt Review

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Gods Of Egypt is a film set in a mythological ancient Egypt where we see how it might have been like if a variety of Egyptian Gods ruled the world of man by themselves, where they were worshiped and loved as they good leaders they were. Unfortunately that doesn’t last because in comes Set (Gerard Butler) who decides that he’s had enough with how things are, he raises an army and takes over. Now men are slaves and they build monuments for him, it gets really crazy, really quickly! Someone must surely be able to stop this horrible villain!

This movie really is just a bit of fun, nothing about it is really serious at all with many jokes thrown in all over the place. The problem with is that often times the jokes aren’t really that funny and end up being awkwardly put. The film is an action based film but maybe was a little too ambitious for what it was in the end with many things being way over the top with great special effects and all, but the tone being so silly it ends up leaving it all looking stupid which is probably why this is film has been poorly received by numerous reviewers all over the place.

However I think that a lot of people aren’t looking at the film in the right way at all. To me this movie isn’t something that late teens would watch or anyone who is over 20. It seems to me from watching this that this is a film really that should have been targeted at young boys of ages 12-15 who maybe are interested in a historical action film, but are still too young to experience something on the level of say 300 or Rise Of An Empire. The violence in this film is fairly tame with very little blood at all and I would be quite comfortable taking someone much younger than me to watch this and I honestly think there’s quite a lot of people in that age group that would enjoy this one.

Zaya (Courtney Eaton) in a scene from GODS OF EGYPT

Zaya (Courtney Eaton) in a scene from GODS OF EGYPT

It’s a film that kind of reminds me of movies I watched when I was younger, which were these light action comedy films, generally they starred Brendan Fraser as the lead or maybe even something from the early years of Dwyane Johnson. They were silly movies and were fairly bad for the most part, but there are a lot of people out there who love them and you don’t always need something serious all the time. Gods Of Egypt fits in comfortably in amongst these films but just isn’t as funny as they were which is a major let down. It’s like the director at times didn’t know if he should make it totally fun or lean towards a more serious tone and this keeps the audience off balance for the most part and it’s a shame.

Set (Gerard Butler) in a scene from GODS OF EGYPT

Set (Gerard Butler) in a scene from GODS OF EGYPT

Like last year’s Jupiter Ascending, Gods Of Egypt is an overly ambitious film with a large budget and big special effects that will impress everyone out there. But because it’s so big, it leaves the important small things unnoticed and we end up with a poorly paced film, with characters that are supposed to be serious appearing to be completely stupid.

Overall I do stand by that if you need to take a kid you know to an action film but you don’t want it to be too violent, this is a good choice this week and I do think there are those in that age group (12-15) that will enjoy it. It’s just anyone who is older may struggle to see the goodness in here and it’s there in some places with some good special effects and the many good looking lead actors, it’s just something that isn’t for everyone. Maybe the marketing teams shouldn’t have promoted this film to an audience that loves 300 so much because this film just isn’t really in that genre and is more of a light action/comedy.

6 out of 10


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