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Get Hard Review

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Get Hard  is directed by first time feature film director Etan Cohen and has an extensive cast of comedy actors. Many would know Will Ferrell from popular comedy films such as Step Brothers (2008) or Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004). Others will know Kevin Hart from Ride Along (2014) or Grudge Match (2014). Get Hard also stars Alison Brie who many may recognise as one of the stars of Community, where she played  Annie Edison.

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The story of Get Hard is based around the character of James who is played by Will Ferrell, a super rich banker who gets framed for a white collar crime and later sentenced to do time in prison for what he did. James gets 30 days to get his affairs in order and during those days he hires Darnell (Kevin Hart) to train him and prepare him so James can survive in prison. The two construct a mock prison inside James’ house to conduct their training and they get up to all kinds of hilarious things inside and outside of that house.

The strongest thing this film has going for it is the laughs that it delivers. Some of the jokes are really funny to laugh at. However as with many comedies some jokes are dragged out a bit too far. But overall I would say it’s a fairly funny film. I myself laughed on a few occasions during the 100 minute run time. This is probably the first film that had Kevin Hart in it that actually enjoyed and I usually like Will Ferrell and the two do well together throughout it.


Will Ferrell as James and Kevin Hart as Darnell in Get Hard

Will Ferrell as James and Kevin Hart as Darnell in Get Hard

I do however think that this film is more aimed towards an American audience than an Australian one or other international countries as a lot of the jokes are racial jokes around black and white stereotypes as well as the American prison system. But most of it is in good fun and I don’t mind it, it’s just heavily American, but that’s okay. The rest of the jokes are mainly around penis jokes or gay jokes or other related topics, it’s up to you if this is what you like or not.

The directing of this film by Etan Cohen was well done for a first feature film effort. As far as comedy films go it seemed for the most part well put together. I did however enjoy the earlier parts of the film a lot more than the later parts as to me it seemed to drag on a bit, but the early scenes had some funny moments. Also the music was well chosen I thought throughout the film as well. The problem with Get Hard though is that it’s a bit forgettable, I didn’t feel like it was anything special, even though Get Hard is funny it’s not much more than that.

Performances from the actors are great all around. Will Ferrell is a veteran when it comes to these types of film by now and he’s as good as he usually is. Kevin Hart is better than he usually is and is a bit less annoying than he was in Grudge Match, but I do think that he always seems to be yelling all the time and it’s not always necessary, he’s just so loud! I did enjoy Allison Brie in the Get Hard as well and while her scenes were mainly towards the earlier part of the film they were all really funny.

Allison Brie as Alissa with Will Ferrell who plays James in Get Hard

Allison Brie as Alissa with Will Ferrell who plays James in Get Hard

Overall Get Hard is a fairly funny comedy film and a good time if you were to see it. I don’t think though that it’s going to be one of the greats of the genre as it’s a bit forgettable really, but Get Hard delivers some good laughs here and there. Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Allison Brie all give some hilarious performances and are very entertaining on screen. I liked watching Get Hard but I don’t overall love the film, it was just a bit of fun really, as a comedy it’s funny enough.

6.5 out of 10

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