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Game Of Thrones Stormborn Review

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Please Note There Are Spoilers In Our Game Of Thrones Stormborn Review

Stormborn is the second episode of the seventh season of Game Of Thrones. Much of this episode focuses the audience on the leaders of the forces seeking to take or hold the Iron throne which controls all the kingdoms in the land. Characters who we have watched for years and have built up their positions with strong armies, seek to strengthen their force and their claim for the throne by joining forces and creating alliances.

As seen in last week’s episode, it seems a big thing for this season is alliances. Most major characters have large strong armies and tensions are high at the moment between them all.

Daenerys is the focus for much of the start of this week’s episode. As we saw last week, she is now back in her old home at Dragonstone. This is what the last episode was named after, a thing that actually I have to admit I missed somehow. This is the same location which we saw Stannis occupy for much of the time he was the King. It’s here with her allies that she plans her attack on Westeros so she can become the Queen for all people again.

Daenerys in Game Of Thrones Season 7 -Game Of Thrones Stormborn Review

Daenerys in Game Of Thrones Season 7 -Game Of Thrones Stormborn Review

I do find it a little strange with the scenes with Daenerys, for much of the time she is plotting her attack on the Lannisters, her primary adviser is a Lannister. While we all know that Tyrion has been quite helpful during his time there with her, do I really believe that he doesn’t have some type of play here? Surprisingly in the end of the episode he does recommend for Daenerys to go to the Lannister home and castle. Could they get smashed there? Could Tyrion somehow turn it around? I think Daenerys should really be careful going forward.

The big twist that happened at the end of this episode was that of the attack of Daenarys’ forces at sea. It seems that Euron Greyjoy who we saw only briefly last week, appears from out of nowhere with a massive fleet of ships and crushes all of Daenarys’ poor allies. With some of them captured, what in the world might happen to them? What tortures will they endure in future episodes I wonder?

It seems that in the face of defeat and with the possible loss of his sister  Theon Greyjoy chose to flee. I am not sure why the writers want to keep this character alive at this point, unless it’s just for him to be a messenger to Daenerys and Tyrion. But honestly these bunch of characters aren’t really going anywhere.

I enjoyed watching the Lannisters in this episode. We didn’t see them get up to much except for Jamie discussing a new alliance and Cersei inspecting a massively oversized crossbow that would impress even Joffrey. I do want to note though that I did really admire both the Lannister costumes in this episode, those people are doing great work and those outfits really did stand out. The golden armor represented the characters well, I love those type of details.

We see a few small scenes with other characters such as Arya discovering Jon is the King of the North and deciding to go and see him. As well as Jorah struggling with his new disease and Sam doing some pretty disgusting things with him.

This was overall a better episode than last week’s. While it did jump around a fair bit between characters, the intensity was much less and I think it led to a better episode. It was a necessary one as it outlined most of the military movements, possibly for this whole season. I can see a variety of drama’s and plot points coming from the events here and a major complication for Daenerys now that a portion of her force has been defeated. Should she have listened to Tyrion?

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