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Game Review: Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and BOULDER!

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Are you ready to ROCK and ROLL into History’s greatest conquests?

With Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder, you literally destroy castles and the pride of historical figures with giant rocks in this hilarious, “Tower Defence” game.

Taking the assumption of the title, “Rock of Ages 2” is actually a sequel to a game I had never heard of. Rock of Ages 2 uses the Unreal Engine and has options for Offline and Online Game play with up to 4 players. Originally, “Rock Of Ages” was developed for PC, Xbox One and PS4 – The new one takes the same idea and rolls with it. (Haa. haaa….)

All terrible puns aside, this is a really fun game! It has a very “Monty Python” animated feel, and the humour is spot on. I was laughing at this game from the opening sequence, and even when I fell off the cliff side time after time.

The main objective in “Rock of Ages 2” is to command your troops to roll your boulder down a course and smash it as hard as possible into the gates of the opposition’s castle. Sounds simple? It is! Until you realise that you are being shot at, blocked and pushed off the course into the terrain below by Player 2. When you start a new level, you get to choose weapons to defend your own castle, at the same time you have to race to destroy the opposition’s. I played in Offline Mode, but I could see this being quite appealing to Online Gamers for those quick matches and events.

“Rock of Ages 2” feels nostalgic and simple, with great humour and kept me thinking with the strategy. Even the history buffs should be happy with this title. There is also a lot to learn from this game, even though most of it is “tongue in cheek” it gives a general idea of Historical Figures from new time periods.

Check out “Rock of Ages 2″ Bigger and Boulder” on Steam now!

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