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Fist Fight Review

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Fist Fight is a comedy starring Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell and Christina Hendricks. It comes directed by Richie Keen. It’s a story about two teachers who have a disagreement with each other and it’s so big that they schedule a fight after school and it’s not long before everyone knows about it.

I wasn’t so sure about this movie at all, but you know I went and saw it and it actually wasn’t that bad. A lot of the jokes are actually quite funny, they had me laughing and quite a few in the screening I was in as well.

Both Ice Cube and Charlie Day, who seem like an odd mix of actors to star opposite each other when you first think about it are actually quite good together. Both were very funny and had great comedic timing. Christina Hendricks was quite the surprise, I have not seen her anywhere really since the last episode of Mad Men. While Chirstina didn’t have many lines, she did have a few funny sections. I’m not really a Tracey Morgan fan at all, but even I didn’t mind him in here.

This is one of those movies that is kind of bad, but for some reason I still really do enjoy it. It’s just basically student pranks and two teachers getting into a fight, but somehow it works. The final fight scene between Ice Cube and Charlie Day actually went on for quite some time and it was pretty good.

Overall this may not be the best film out there at the moment, but if you want something light which might give you a few laughs and isn’t so serious then Fist Fight is a great choice for that. Both Ice Cube and Charlie Day were very funny in the film and the idea of their two characters getting into a fight kept me interested throughout the run time of the film. It’s something fun to watch this weekend and it isn’t an intense film, sometimes that’s all you need.

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