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First Look at Blade Runner Sequel starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling

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I simply love the original Blade Runner film and couldn’t resist sharing the image below. For any Blade Runner fans out there, this will surely spark a lot of discussion. Click on the image below to view in higher resolution 🙂

Director Denis Villeneuve reveals a first look into the dystopian world of the highly anticipated Blade Runner sequel which is scheduled to start filming later this month.

Concept art from the Untitled Blade Runner Sequel.

Concept art from the Untitled Blade Runner Sequel.

“I’ve always been attracted to science-fiction films with strong visual signatures that lead us into unique parallel worlds and the original ‘Blade Runner’ is by far the best of all time.
Ridley Scott had the genius to blend science-fiction and film noir to create this unique exploration of human condition. The new ‘Blade Runner’ is an extension of the first movie a few decades later.”

~ Denis Villeneuve, Director

Source: Sony Pictures

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