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Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Part B Premiere Review

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So the third Season of Fear The Walking Dead is about to continue and fans I’m sure are very excited to see what happens to all their favourite characters, particularly after such a great mid-season final. After watching both of this week’s two episode I’m happy to say that they’ve certainly done well with the series return. With Game Of Thrones now off the air, this show certainly will fill that weekly void most people likely have right now.

Much of this week’s premiere will focus on our characters dealing with the plots left unresolved during the mid season final. In Minotaur the group at the ranch are dealing with the results of Jeremiah’s death and how to manage the ranch without him there. Qaletqa who was the villain for much of last season moves to occupy the ranch and its inhabitants and it causes much tension between the groups who both fought hard against each other only a few episodes ago. In The Diviner we will also see what’s going on with Salazar and his group at the dam and their new water management policies now that their mid season villain is removed.

Without going too much into the plot for these two early episodes, I actually found it to be fairly decent. While the first episode I think is a little slow to begin with, there is actually a large action based section towards the end which ramps things up. I did however find that once the second episode got underway, that things really did get interesting. For this second half of season 3, I think there are a lot of interesting plots to come with the people at the dam and the water supply. I like this plot line for the show and after seeing these two episode back to back, I’m ready to continue watching it all unfold weekly.

All the actors here were great. In Minotaur I felt that Alycia Debnam-Carey (Alicia) did a great job with her character. There were also some great things in that episode from Frank Dillane (Nick) who I felt hadn’t had too much to do in the first part of the season, but he did get a chance to impress in this season’s opener. As the two episodes went on we got some things from Michael Greyeyes (Qaletqa) who is a newer cast member, but one that I’m beginning to enjoy watching quite a bit.  Daniel Sharman who plays Troy is also becoming a decent one to follow and in both Minotaur and The Diviner he definitely did some memorable things.

As a show I do feel that things have been continuously improving and this season’s return definitely delivers something entertaining. For the next few weeks I will do weekly episode reviews so be sure to bookmark the site or tap the bell you might see on the bottom right of your browser (if on chrome or Firefox) to get notified when new posts are online. If you see this week’s episodes let me know what you thought about it in the comments, but I certainly thought they were great and are worth watching tonight.

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Fear The Walking Dead Returns Monday September 11 @ 1:30pm & 7:30pm AEST on the FX channel on Foxtel

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