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Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead Red Dirt Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead Red Dirt Review

So the sixth episode for Fear The Walking Dead season 3 just aired. In this episode the story takes us back to our core group of characters on the ranch. As seen in last week’s episode, a new threat has emerged and a new villain. Can our group of ranch survivors hold on to what they have against this threat and what is their reaction when they hear about it?

This was an episode that I was looking forward to see. I wasn’t really sure where they would go with this new villain. But I think similar to the few times the characters in The Walking Dead settled in a new town, when a threat emerged, it kind of strengthened the group.

One of the things that surprised me the most I think in this episode was Jeremiah’s (Dayton Callie) reaction to the events. For the past few episode we have been presented with this character as the leader of the group and his two sons I guess were second in charge of that ranch. But it seemed to me that when a threat came, he kind of struggled with dealing with it and I don’t think managed it well. One of the people on the ranch left the group completely, scared for their lives.

There is a bit of a push to get Jake (Sam Underwood) to step up, but it takes him some time before he is able to put a speech together. I see in this episode that there is a bit of rivalry between the Otto brothers, with Troy (Daniel Sharman) seeming to be possibly more suitable to manage in this new world of theirs, but of course there are issues with him as well, he’s a madman.

Madison’s (Kim Dickens) character had some interesting moments in this episode. I guess kind of like Rick (Andrew Lincoln) in The Walking Dead, I think she has some leadership potential to eventually lead the group of the ranch on her own. She too makes some speeches in this episode, especially regarding the deaths of those who left, lying about the potential cause of death, which was a bit dodgy. Troy the madman, maybe killed them all they think.

Apart from the characters trying to deal with the threat of the Indians, there wasn’t too much else that was big in this episode. I guess the characters are trying to put together a cohesive response but as a group with tensions in amongst it, it’s not that easy. But I am sure they will come together in time. Overall a pretty great episode for the show and I think things seem well set up for the next one.

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