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Fear The Walking Dead This Land Is Your Land Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead This Land Is Your Land Review – Read After You’ve Watched This Week 🙂

So the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead just aired and this episode picks up directly after last week’s big ordeal, which was the herd of infected which now have overrun the ranch completely.  All our ranchers are now locked in the pantry and it is up to Nick, Troy and the rest of the outsiders to rescue them all, or could it be that Alicia saves the day?

This is really probably the biggest episode for the Alicia character in the whole series. Last week we did see this character step up into a leadership position and really try her best to save everyone at the ranch. But this week Alicia is pushed way beyond her limits as it seems that the people she did save last week are all going to die because there’s no air in the pantry, the fan is blocked by something so they’re all going to die there unless Ofelia can unblock it.

Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) in fear the walking dead - Fear The Walking Dead This Land Is Your Land Review

Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) in fear the walking dead – Fear The Walking Dead This Land Is Your Land Review

For much of the first half of this episode, I did find it to be a little depressing. Alicia decides that those ranchers who have been bitten already should be put down because they’re going to turn soon anyway and the ranchers do need more time and air to survive while waiting for Ofelia to fix the air flow there. Alicia starts to essentially euthanize everyone there who has been bitten and it’s hard for her to do and for me as a viewer it’s not really entertaining to watch this. I do think that people who are interested in this issue might take some time to do discuss the ethics of what’s happening here, but in the context of the episode it seemed the right thing to do to survive there, but gosh it was depressing to watch this for so long.

It’s lucky we got some cuts to see what Troy and Nick were up to, which was basically just running over a couple of infected with their truck. Their scenes were the lighter half of the episode.

In the second half of the episode we see much of the oxygen deprived leftover ranchers turn slowly into the infected and some hard physical moments for Alicia to overcome. We also hear her tell the story about how much she looks up to her brother and a nice memory from her about a time she sang “this land is your land” when she was younger with her brother who came to save her. I do always like episodes with some development and it seems they might be taking Alicia a little further for the second half of the season as she’s decided not to go back to the dam with Madison and the rest.

I did think for a time that after these events we’d see all our characters finally united into one solid strong group, but it seems that’s not the case at least for now with this Alicia detour. At the moment apart from the Ofelia reunion with her father, I don’t know where the show will go. I’m curious about what this place is that Alicia is going to and what she might find there.

Overall this was a great episode for Alicia fans. Alycia Debnam-Carey did some great work here with her character and this episode will likely be one of the top ones in the series for her for some time. Although it was a little depressing in the first half, the second half certainly did pick up and became a lot better. Now we just need to wait until next week!

Watch Fear The Walking Dead on the FX Channel on Monday 2 October @ 1.30pm and 7.30pm AEST Express from the US.

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