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Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 Review

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So Fear The Walking Dead is out today on DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital in Australia and for the fans of the show who love it, you can all go down to your favourite stores and add it your collections. I recently watched this series for the first time and have not actually watched any other episodes of The Walking Dead so have really no idea about it at all, but was intrigued enough from this first season to give season 2 a chance, even though I still have some disagreements.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 Review – BEWARE Major SPOILERS BELOW

I’m not really the biggest fan there is out there of the zombie genre of films and while I do like the horror genre, zombies are usually my least favourite monster of the lot. But this series does have some high points to it in amongst quite a few low points.

The first season of this show does have a fairly slow start and it’s not for those with low attention spans when it comes to TV shows, but to me this is actually one of the high points of the show. I am big fan of the slow build up in my stories and I don’t care how long it takes for some action to occur because I love the tension that builds up until then. This does do that well in a way, however its characters do let it down when it comes to the more dramatic elements of the series.

While I don’t mind the characters in the show, I found that as it progressed that people to me just seemed really stupid. You can counter me in the comments if you disagree but I found it silly that when Nick saw the flashing light in the far away home, he didn’t just go to the army right away and tell them about it, they’re only in charge of the camp after all… Also the ending was terrible, we lean on characters like Madison and Travis, who for the most part are against killing, but when it comes to saving their family, they allow Daniel to let all the zombies out who basically kill all the army guys resulting in the destruction of the whole town???? This is how they win?? It’s crazy, I don’t like that one bit and couldn’t stand what they did there.

Acting wise I do like what people have done. While I didn’t necessarily feel here was a standout actor here, all the cast were doing great. I just wish the characters they played were not so conflicted and so back and forth all the time. I did however quite enjoy Victor Strand who was played by Colman Domingo, he brought quite a lot of life into this series towards the end of the season and I think he was a great addition because everyone else is just so gloomy all the time. It’s for this reason and for what happens with this character, that I’m looking forward to season 2 of this show and will watch it, regardless of my gripes with what happened during the first season’s final episode.

Being fresh to The Walking Dead universe, many fans of the show who love it may just think I’m rambling on about things that are nonsense. But I did enjoy the season and thought it intriguing. I would recommend people to give it a try and see if you like it, it’s only 6 episodes so it’s easy to get through and it does have some good moments. If you’re new to The Walking Dead like me, I don’t feel you need to have seen the main show to watch this one, so I guess don’t worry too much about spoiling things in case you want to start watching that one any time soon. It’s not bad at all, give it a try if you’re interested.

7.5 out of 10


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