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Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead El Matadero Review

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There Are Spoilers In Our Fear The Walking Dead El Matadero Review

So the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead just aired. This episode is the followup to quite a big episode last week which left the majority of our favourite characters searching for a new home.

After such a big Alicia based episode last week, I was interested to see where exactly this character might be heading. Even though Nick and Troy do follow her, they’re quickly pushed aside and return home. Alicia spends much of her time in an old town and visits a burger restaurant in search of some potatoes for food. It’s here that she has a bit of a struggle with some infected, but also encounters a mysterious new traveller with a pitchfork. I guess with so many characters now gone, they need someone new, with new issues to be brought in. But for now, other than being another friend for Alicia, I’m not sure where this new character is heading.

The rest of this week’s episode was a little disappointing. We discover that Ofelia was bitten by one of the infected and doesn’t have much time left and we wonder for much of the episode if she will meet her father. While Ofelia isn’t the biggest character in the show, she is one of the more main ones, I do think they missed something here with her death, I just didn’t feel much impact or drama from it, it was sad yes because no one can do anything for her, but was it memorable? I’m not too sure.

The scenes with Troy and Nick featured them traveling around and experimenting with drugs and messing around with the dead. These two characters seem to have lost it at theis pont. But honestly, these scenes weren’t that great to watch and this episode in general was a bit of a let down for the season

Overal this wasn’t the greatest of episodes for the show and while it had a big moment with a major character dying, much of it doesn’t seem to have much dramatic impact and the rest of the scenes were a little boring. I am looking forward to the next episode, but this week wasn’t as good as others.

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