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Entourage Review

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Entourage is a film which is based on the now finished TV series of the same name from HBO. The film stars Adrian Greiner, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, Jeremy Piven, Billy Bob Thornton and Haley Joel Osment. Entourage comes to us directed by Doug Ellin who fans of the TV series may know as the director of many of the TV show’s episodes during its air time.

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Entourage Review

For fans of the TV show who are going in to see this film, they are the ones who are likely to enjoy it the most. I myself watch the show quite a lot and I really enjoy watching these characters when I see them on TV and it was no different seeing them on film. For people who don’t like the show, I can’t see how’ll they enjoy the film so I wouldn’t recommend it at all to them. For people who haven’t seen the show at all, it’s okay to go and see this as the characters are introduced to us in the beginning by Piers Morgan, so you wouldn’t really be lost if you haven’t seen the show at all.

In my view director Doug Ellin did a great job when it came to capturing the right tone for the film, I suppose it helps a lot considering he’s also directed quite a few of the episodes, but things feel and look almost the same as they were in the show. All the hallmarks of the TV series are there, lot’s of jokes, lot’s of cameo’s, lot’s of nudity, lot’s of fast cars and everything else that comes with following around someone who is famous.

Vince and his Entourage walking the red carpet at a movie premiere | Entourage Review

Vince and his Entourage walking the red carpet at a movie premiere | Entourage Review

The film starts off just after the events of the TV show with Ari (Jeremy Piven) and his wife (Perrey Reeves) in Florence. However Ari’s really bored over there and returns to Hollywood so that he can be the head of a studio. His first task is to make a film and Ari wants Vince (Adrian Grenier) to be the star, but Vince has other ideas. Vince not only wants to star in the film, but he also wants to direct it as well. Things start going over budget and investors like Travis (Haley Joel Osment) start getting nervous about it all really quickly. Will Ari be able to keep calm and come through with the final product? Can Vince actually direct a good film? You’ll just have to watch to find out.

Entourage’s plot is super simple and it’s probably that simplicity that helps it hold up quite well as a film that has a much larger run time than the TV show did in the past. In essence it’s just a film about making a movie and it works. Being set in the world of the famous there are many and I mean many cameo’s from a whole variety of actors who pop up all over the place. Many uttering funny or obscene gestures towards Vince or other members of his entourage. It’s all in good fun really and fans of the show will probably really enjoy it. For some, it may be a bit much having so many characters on screen but it doesn’t really matter, it’s part of the world they are in, so it makes sense that it’s there.

In terms of the core actors in Entourage, Adrian Grenier is one of the standouts of the cast and his character really had a lot to do in this film which was great to see. The other two great performances came from Jeremy Piven (Ari) and Kevin Dillon (Johnny) who compared to any of the others, both have the funnier moments in the film by far. Kevin Connolly (Eric) is okay and Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) is good, but it would’ve been nice to have a bit more scenes for Turtle as the rest really take up a lot of the time.

Overall Entourage is a really fun film to go and see this weekend, especially if you are a fan of the show. It’s great to see the TV show’s cast on the big screen and it’s great to be able to visit the world of Vincent Chase and his entourage again. According to IMDB’s trivia, the film’s director Doug Ellin has said that if this film does well, he’s interested in a trilogy, for fans of the show, they’ll really enjoy seeing that, I know I would love to! For these types of things it’s always the same thing, whether it be comic book heroes or this TV show film, fans are always going to enjoy it a bit more than the rest and the Entourage movie is no different. It’s all in good fun and it’s really there for the fans to enjoy.

9 out of 10

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