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Enter the Dragon: New Moon Event Rises in World of Tanks Blitz

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In World of Tanks Blitz, a clash of epic proportions between the forces of ice and fire is soon to begin. In the “New Moon” event, players must choose which side they will fight for and begin their journey towards elemental mastery. The trial to tame the fiery Blaze WZ and the frosty Glacial 112 starts on January 28 through February 18, with tons of extra rewards on the line.

Enter the Dragon: New Moon Event Rises in World of Tanks Blitz

Enter the Dragon: New Moon Event Rises in World of Tanks Blitz

To join your side, these elemental dragons need to see proof of a player’s courage. Battling through the two parallel mission paths in “New Moon” earns Lunar Charms and Dragon Fangs, needed to progress further down the line. Players have two separate quest lines they can follow, which earn them the Blaze WZ 135 FT (Tier VII tank destroyer) or the Glacial 112 (Tier VIII heavy tank). As a reward for each completed stage, players earn credits, Free XP, Premium Account time, and newly introduced boosters.

Those skilled few who complete an entire branch of missions can truly harness the power of one dragon. The Blaze WZ 135 FT is as ruthless as a raging inferno, with a dragon twisted across its hull and turret, featuring a mantlet in the shape of a firedrake’s head. The Glacial 112 is an iceberg on tracks. It has two snow dragons along its sides, and its frosty gun is similar to that of its fiery brother. Both these Premium beasts come with unique dragon camouflage and, in some cases, a set of powerful boosters.

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