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EB Expo 2016

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting the EB Expo. The EB Expo is an event which lets gamers visit different booths from different video game companies and have a look at all the new games they have coming out soon or have just released. It’s also a chance for gamers to have  a bit of a preview of what’s coming up in the future. I attended the event as media, but anyone is able to purchase a ticket and see all the same things at the EB Expo.

Having not attended the EB Expo last year, but did on the year before. I feel that I had a lot more fun at the EB Expo this year compared to the first time I went. This time there were a lot of cool cosplayers walking around to see and I always do enjoy seeing what people choose to dress up as at the show. There was also a lot of interesting games to check out as well and I found myself really enjoying the atmosphere on the day. The EB Expo is a three day event which happens from Friday-Sunday and I attended on the Saturday this year.

While I was there I was lucky enough to find this really great Harley Quinn cosplayer, Infamous_Harley_Quinn who I wasn’t aware of at the time when I met her, but was impressed by how much she looks like Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn! There were actually quite a few more cosplayers at the event that I did meet, but this one was certainly my favourite on the day.

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Walking around the expo on that Saturday was a joy, there were a lot of cool things on display, nice booths to visit and a lot of things to take pictures of. If you’re any type of dedicated gaming fan, then the EB Expo is sure to be a great time. There’s just so much to look at and also play with on the day (if you can survive the lines for things that is).

While I was there on the Saturday there was also a presentation from Ubisoft to watch. I attended it and watched it in full. During the presentation they were showcasing both Watchdogs 2 and also For Honor.

Both games look very interesting. Watchdogs 2 looks like a big improvement on the first one, the city is brighter, things are more vibrant and everything looks to be much more alive than the first game in the series. Watchdogs 2 still has a really large emphasis on hacking and appears to be building on what worked well in the first game, but it also looks like they’re adding some new features too.

For Honor looks great, it’s a fighting game which lets you play as either a Viking, Samurai or a Knight and either battle against friends or the AI. For history nuts such as myself it does look very interesting. I am really interested in knowing more about the game. From the presentation I saw, it wasn’t clear to me if it was just a multiplayer battle game or if it has a story mode as well. But I’m very interested in this title, it looks like a lot of fun!

Overall I really enjoyed my time this year at the EB Expo. I saw a lot of really cool things, got to take a look at some very interesting games and met a lot of interesting people. I’m definitely looking forward to visiting the EB Expo again next year to see what’s there again.

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