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Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival Arc Trailer

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As a long time fan of Dragon Ball Z and an obsessed Dragon Ball Super fan in recent months, I’ve found the Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival Arc trailer. The subtitles and everything is in Japanese, but for people like me who just can’t wait to get a glimpse of all the Gods Of Destruction, this trailer certainly is interesting.

Each of the Gods Of Destruction seem to be based on different mythologies, you can see that some of them look like Egyptian Gods and I think some are based on Norse Mythology as well? We get to see some new fighters in the trailer as well, but I think they’ve probably left a few really good ones hidden from us for now.

If you’ve somehow missed all the episodes of Dragon Ball Super, that’s okay, you can catch them at any time and for free on Anime Lab in Australia which is where I watch them, new ones usually release every Sunday.

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