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Dragon Ball Super One Hour Special Review

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This Review Is For Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110. The Discussion Contains Spoilers

It feels like it has been a long wait for the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super to air, but lucky for us fans we will get two episodes aired together. In these two episodes we see the long awaited battle between Goku and Jiren.

Episode 109 does have us early on focus on Goku’s battle with Ribrianne. This character is really no match for Goku at all, even with her most powerful love attack used against Goku, it doesn’t seem to even have an effect.

After rewatching both these two episodes it seems actually that this early fight is really just the same as the Goku v Jiren fight. The contrast of the power levels, Ribrianne’s love attack does nothing against Goku, whereas Goku’s most powerful spirit bomb attack at the end of this episode, does nothing at all to Jiren. There’s a massive different between the levels of each of these fighters. But both Goku and Ribrianne used an attack that used the power of others in their team.

Goku’s fight with Jiren is so far one of the best in the Dragon Ball Super series so far. The animation level here is beyond much of what we’ve seen in the show so far. Attacks are beautifully drawn and both Goku, Jiren and even the spectators look fantastic during the show.

As for Jiren himself, the amount of power he currently has is absolutely insane. I don’t know how the writers determine scaling for this show, but we see Goku even try super saiyan God form (not blue) against Jiren and Jiren doesn’t even have to move to counter that. Blue isn’t much better, although there is a small fight, the two are still by far incredibly unmatched. Spirit Bomb doesn’t do much at either to Jiren. What in the world would stop him?

It seems what could possibly stop him is Goku’s new form. In episode 110, after it appears that Goku is killed by his own attack, he returns to the arena. He is completely silent and is in some type of unseen form. I’d like to say here that the animation here and the overall presentation of Goku in this episode is by far the best the series has had for the character. Sure other forms were great, but this one is phenomenal!

Goku Ultra Instinct Form

Goku Ultra Instinct Form

Goku’s speed is beyond what anyone in the series has been able to do in this new form. When he first attacks Jiren, we see Toppo and Dyspo not even sense he was even there until the second attack. Jiren seems to be about equal with Goku’s new form, but looks to be losing ground. Even the Gods themselves are worried about what Goku is doing, Beerus calls it “Ultra Instinct”. Something that we learn is even difficult for a God to even do, the Gods all start losing it as to how this is. Zeno doesn’t know what it is, but he thinks it’s amazing and we see Frieza thinking about it for a bit, maybe he sees an opportunity somewhere. The funny thing about it I find, is that Beerus says “Ultra Instinct” only loud enough that maybe Whis could hear, but it seems everyone in the stadium heard him. I always wondered how this happens in the show.

Goku’s new form in this episode is only temporary and even though it looks like he’s going to absolutely destroy Jiren, he quickly runs out of energy and is beaten down. In the form though, Goku is an absolute monster, even his screams are a little scary and are for some reason not really in character for him. It makes sense to me that Vegeta asks what was going on with him after the fight. What is really going on with Goku at the moment?

In the upcoming episodes I imagine Goku will rest a bit and  rejoin the tournament, much like Kale did when she got smashed by Jiren. What’s interesting is the final scene with Frieza and Goku. After seeing Goku use instant transmission and leave Vegeta, he seems to end up with Frieza. Is it possible that Frieza knows how to heal him? Frieza does say “This brings back memories of what happened on Namek”. I do remember that when they were fighting Frieza back then, they were all getting healed and coming back stronger. But Dende is the only healer I know in the series and isn’t anywhere around to do that, is it possible Frieza could heal Goku? Frieza of course likely won’t kill him, because of disqualification and he wants to survive. But what could he do here?

Frieza in Dragon Ball Super

Frieza in Dragon Ball Super

In the next week’s preview all we see is the upcoming fight between Hit and Jiren, which I’m very excited for. These two episodes are among my favourite so far for the show and I can’t wait to watch the next one in a week’s time. From the episode animation, the reveal of the new form and all the questions that come about from that. This episode currently stands as one of the most interesting so far in the series.

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