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Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Review

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Please Be Aware There Are Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Review Discussion

So the 99th episode of Dragon Ball Super just aired this week and our warriors from Universe 7 are still battling the mightiest warriors from all the other universes for their survival.

Last week we saw in the episode preview that this episode was likely going to be an episode focused on Krillin. This episode also picks up after the erasure of Universe 9.

The beginning of the episode was a little ominous. With Universe 9 now gone, it is now clear to all the other Universes involved that this is now very serious. All of the warriors and the even the Gods themselves stand there in complete shock about what’s happened. But what can they all really do except fight for their survival?

Before we saw Krillin’s big moments. We had a few really funny scenes with Vegeta. He goes up against Magetta and Botamo. These two fighters are really a bit of a joke, but I did find them really funny. It was funny to also see Vegeta throwing insults at them during the fight. I do wonder if they were hinting at a Vegeta v Hit fight later on here in this episode, I think that would really push Vegeta to his limits a lot more later on.

The whole second half of the episode was devoted the Krillin and Android 18. 18 finds herself in trouble with an opponent and is nearly knocked off the arena, only to be saved by Krillin. We see the couple fight against two opponents with Krillin really stepping up and the two performing together very well.

Krillin In The Tournament Of Power - Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Review

Krillin In The Tournament Of Power – Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Review

Like with Vegeta’s fight, Krillin’s one, while a little more serious was also funny at times. Beating a blind opponent who sees with his sense of smell with a smelly shoe being the highlight of the episode.

I feel the tone shifted to the more comedic after the early wiping of the universe 9 was necessary I suppose, otherwise things maybe would have gotten too dark from this point going forward.

Surprisingly, even though performing well and working well as a team, Krillin is the first from Universe 7 to go. He’s knocked out of the arena by Frost who sneaks up on him after a fight. That’s it for Krillin!

One of the things I wonder if it might happen in future episodes will be if we might see a Frost v 18 fight. Three’s motivation for her to seek out Frost now, could it be coming?

This was a nicely done episode and it was a lot of fun to watch. These episodes are becoming some of my weekly highlights and I’m excited to see what happens next week.

From looking at the preview at the end of this one, it looks like we’re back to seeing what Goku is up to and it looks like he’s going up against Caulifla’s SS2. Should be interesting!

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