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Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Review

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Please Be Aware – There Are Spoilers In Our Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Review Discussion

So the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super just aired. This one sees our warriors from Universe 7 continue their fight in what is known as the Universe Survival Tournament.

I had a lot of high hopes for this episode. After seeing the preview from last week and indulging in a variety of Dragon Ball Super rumours all over YouTube, I couldn’t wait to see what might happen in this one.

Much of the episode is focused on Goku, who is targeted by Universe 9. This involves fighters like the Trio De Dangers and a variety of others from their Universe. While these guys aren’t really a match for Goku individually, together they are a bit tough for him to handle. Interestingly Vegeta joins Goku and helps him fight them all. Both Vegeta and Goku naturally work together, which is a thing I think that’s been pushed for most of this series so far for them to do.

I found the fights in this episode to be quite good. I have started to like the Trio De Dangers and as a team Universe 9 works well together. Of course even though they are strong on teamwork, they make an error and Goku and Vegeta are just too strong and they really had no chance.

Even though Universe 9 was shown to us to be a brutal universe and not such a nice place to be at all. I found it interesting that when Lavender was scratched accidentally by his teammate (apologies I don’t know her name, was the female with the claws) almost the entire team reacted and were all very concerned, “Lavender!” they all yelled. I just didn’t expect this from the writers and it’s only small, but to me it added a lot. When the universe is entirely wiped out, I felt sorry for all of them really.

The next biggest thing in this episode happened just after Universe 9 was wiped out. We see the angel from that Universe smiling or even grinning about it. Is he happy that all the people he knew were wiped out? Is he a villain? I’m not sure where this will go, but how can our heroes be content with the wiping away of all these Universes, seems insane to me. What’s going to happen if Universe 6 goes? I am interested to see Beerus’ reaction, can anything be done?

The last thing i’d like to mention about this one. The episode is entitled “Impermanent”. I am not sure and can only speculate, but does it mean maybe that what happened here will not be permanent? Can the 9th Universe come back?

Overall this was a good episode. There were some small scenes of Frieza brutalising two warriors. I wonder what warrior will push him to his golden form? Next week’s preview looks interesting, seems it’s going to be a Krillin episode and those are fun!

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